JEC Safety Policy


It is the primary mandate of Jubail Energy Company to implement an effective Health, Safety & Environment (HS&E) program to ensure the health, safety and welfare of all employees and other persons engaged in work for the organization and any third party who come in contact with the business.


We will manage all of our business operations according to the following principles:

      Comply with all applicable laws and regulations.

      Expect commitment from all employees, including supervisors, managers and officers, to implement our safety and health policies.

      Create an understanding among our employees that safety is a value associated with every aspect of our company and is a priority that cannot be changed.

      Encourage continual effort: by every employee to create a safe working environment, with the goal of zero occupational injuries and illnesses.

      Provide adequate resources to develop and maintain safety and health programs that support this safety policy.

      Provide necessary training, equipment and controls to assure a safe working environment for all employees.

      Seek opportunities to improve our safety performance by monitoring and assessing our progress through regular audit and assessment programs.

      Investigate all safety and health incidents to identify and correct their root causes.

      Require that all of the companies we contract and subcontract with perform their work in the safest possible manner.


Environmental Policy Statement


The life of any business cannot be separated from its impact on the natural environment in which it operates. At JEC, we take our role seriously in protecting and enhancing the environment, the economic well being and quality of life of all the communities we serve.  Wherever we do business, our activities will be consistent with sound environmental practices.


Therefore, we will manage our business according to the following principles: 

      Comply with all applicable environmental laws and regulations.

      Understand the environmental aspects of our activities and demonstrate that understanding in planning and executing our work.

      Evaluate the environmental practices of our business activities against Royal Commission Environmental Regulations (RCER).

      Encourage cost effective opportunities to prevent pollution and to reuse and recycle materials. Handle and dispose of waste materials in ways that minimize environmental risk.

      Encourage employee participation in environmental protection and enhancement efforts.

     Work with appropriate environmental agencies and organizations to ensure timely, reasonable and cost effective resolutions to environmental issues.

      Establish guidelines and more detailed procedures as needed to implement this policy.

     Review conformity with these environmental principles on a regular basis to ensure compliance and to provide for continual improvement in environmental performance.

      Communicate this policy and our environmental values with interested stakeholders.